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We have started!

We have started!

Ola todos! We have a new place. In a very beautiful valley in Portugal. It has come our way. We created it. A beautiful place to receive kind and nice people.

It's time, high time. For us and for you…

  • To enjoy in a healthy and green environment where 'hospitality, health & holidays' come together.
  • To make people happy, develop them and let them enjoy them purely.
  • For relaxation, connection, playing and fun.
  • To break away from the hustle and bustle and expectations of this time and to get closer to yourself mentally & physically.

This year we will learn, discover, experiment and get used to; a new culture, a new language, a new school, a new company, a new home, new neighbors, new friends, new collaborations. A major challenge that we take on with love and trust. The foundation is in place, the permit is in order, the infrastructure is in place and the house, land and company have been signed for!

Take a look at the website of our Portuguese Quinta. You are very welcome to visit us in the coming years with yourself, your family, your friends or colleagues. We will be preparing in the coming months and we will open from April 1. More about the place and how we want to develop it soon!

Love, Thomas & Moniek

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Published 28-01-2024 / Copyright © Quinta Valbom