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There is a relaxed, personal and authentic atmosphere at the campsite. Enough space to walk and romp in the fields or to socialize on our terrace. Pick an orange, tangerine, lemon, banana, apple, peach, pear or other seasonal fruit. Splash in the pool and enjoy local snacks and drinks in our Motho café.

There are also all kinds of fun activities to do:

  • Throw a ball on the Jeu de Boule court
  • A game of table tennis or bottle football
  • Bird watching or listening
  • Jump or lie on the trampoline
  • Landscape painting
  • Walking on the grounds or into the mountains
  • Picnic with beautiful views of the valley
  • Play a game from the games cabinet in the café
  • Read a book from the bookcase
  • Chopping wood (if guidance is available)
  • Movie afternoon or evening on the big screen
  • From the campsite into the forest and mountains with our 4x4 Jeep
  • Wine tasting on the farm
  • Wild camping with total privacy (in a tent or hammocks)

Distance to village with supermarket, cafes, restaurant, public transport: about 5 minutes. Distance to several wine farms: about 10-15 minutes.

Or poodle & splash in the area:

  • Swim in the river/waterfall 10 minutes away (Praia Fluvial de Fermil de Basto)
  • Swim in the lake 30 minutes away (Fafe, Aquapark Fratelli)
  • Swim in Aquapark Amarante 40 min away
  • Swim in the sea and surf an hour away (Praia da Apúlia, Matosinhos)

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Published 23-11-2023 / Copyright © Quinta Valbom